It’s easy to get the right bar insurance in California when you have direct access to highly trained insurance specialists like the ones here at Tabak Insurance Agency. We can quickly evaluate the needs of your business and accurately determine your risk exposure to recommend the right policy that will keep you covered in any situation.

California has particular requirements and regulations when it comes to bars and establishments that serve alcoholic beverages. We will make sure that your insurance meets those requirements and that your coverage needs are met.

Get Ideal Coverage for your California Bar

We have more than 25 years of experience developing policies for establishments just like yours. Our specialty is the hospitality industry, particularly bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other similar businesses. We will use our extensive experience to help develop the most comprehensive and helpful plan at a reasonable cost.

California will require specific coverages but we may also recommend:

General liability insurance – Protects you against various types of third-party claims such as negligence, certain injuries, and more that may occur at your bar.

Liquor liability coverage – If you find yourself facing claims resulting from fights, slips, falls, and other incidents that can be connected to intoxication, this type over of insurance should have you covered.

Natural Disaster Coverage – California Earthquake Insurance and Fire Insurance are important additions as they are common in California and these natural disasters are not covered under other coverage types.

Insure Your California Bar

If you’re looking to insure your bar quickly and easily at the right price, the specialists at Tabak Insurance Agency are here for you. We can help you get the coverage you need in as little as 24 hours.

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