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Bar insurance is a specialized type of Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) which protects bar owners from the risks inherent to owning a pub or tavern. These policies are highly customizable to meet the needs of the wide variety of establishments which serve alcohol.

Types of Bar Insurance Coverage

An insurance company with in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry will offer customized coverage, including a combination of these policies:

General Liability Insurance

General liability coverage protects from the risks all businesses encounter, covering damages caused by you, your equipment, or an employee’s actions. One example would be a slip and fall on a wet floor caused by a spilled drink.

Liquor Liability Insurance:

Some states have liquor laws which require bars and taverns to carry this coverage, and it is essential protection for any business that serves alcohol. “Dram shop” laws vary by state and may hold your business liable for serving alcohol to an intoxicated individual who goes on to harm themselves or others.

Liquor liability insurance covers the server for injury claims resulting from intoxication. Additional assault and battery liability insurance will protect you from legal consequences if a fight breaks out and injury claims are made against your business.

Workers Compensation Insurance:

If you have bartenders, servers, or other employees, you may be required to carry this coverage by law. It is especially important in the bar industry, where cuts, burns, and falls can easily occur.

Workers’ compensation coverage covers medical expenses should one of your employees sustain bodily injuries at work.

Property Insurance

Your building, equipment, and inventory also need protection. Property insurance coverage can be customized to cover exactly what is needed based on your unique situation.

Some examples of customized bar coverage would be protection against theft of inventory or losses and property damage caused by a refrigerator or freezer malfunction.

Affordable Peace of Mind

A customized and comprehensive bar insurance package is an affordable investment. Building a complete policy starts with a careful evaluation of your unique business model and needs to feature only the policies necessary for your full protection.

Most small bars, taverns, and pubs can have this peace of mind for around $$$ per month.

Why Choose Tabak Bar Insurance?

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Mixing the Perfectly Balanced Policy

Building the right bar insurance quote for your unique business model means including the right policies in perfect measure. At Tabak Insurance Agency, we will blend the best options to suit your tastes and serve it up without the waiting.

Contact us today for a small business insurance online quote or call to speak with one of our expert agents. Your bar, tavern, or nightclub could be fully protected tomorrow!

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