Tabak Insurance Agency makes it simple to get the restaurant insurance in California that you need. 


Each state has unique regulations for restaurants and establishments serving food and alcohol. Our specialists have the ability to accurately assess your situation and make sure that your policy covers everything you may need within California’s requirements.


After a thorough evaluation, our specialists will then provide you with a quote so that you can cover your liabilities and risks in almost any situation. We’ll identify potential risks in order to provide you with proper guidance to improve your coverage, obtain the various types of coverage you may need, and minimize your costs.

What Types of Insurance Do You Need for a Restaurant in California?

There are many different types of insurance that may be required or useful for your restaurant in California. Our specialists are able to review your unique situation and needs, and help you determine which types of insurance are necessary for your establishment.


We may recommend:

Liquor Liability – This type of insurance may be a requirement in the state of California and is important if your establishment serves alcohol.

General Liability Insurance – General Liability will protect your business against claims relating to injury, negligence, property damage, libel, and more.

Workers’ Compensation – It’s important to meet your employees’ needs and make sure that you and they are covered in case of injury or accident.

Fire & Earthquale Insurance – Get covered in the event of these common natural disasters in California that aren’t typically covered under other insurance types.

Why Choose Coverage With Tabak Insurance Agency?

With more than 25 years of experience working and specializing in the food and beverage service industries,  we understand just how unique your needs can be. These industries face liabilities and challenges that are different from other businesses, and it’s important to have an insurance company backing you that can ensure you’ll get the right coverage at the right price. Our expert agents have this specialized knowledge.


Get a quote from us today and see just how quickly and simply you can insure your California restaurant.