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Shopping and retail center insurance is a specialized type of policy designed to address the needs and unique risks of owning or operating a retail business. The right retail business insurance policy will protect a small kiosk or a large retail space and abide by state and local laws.

Types of Shopping Center and Retail Insurance

You need a trusted partner with an in-depth knowledge of retail environments and comprehensive insurance coverage to best fit your business needs. Customized insurance coverage for retail centers may include a combination of these policies:

General Liability Insurance

Retail general liability coverage protects against damages caused by your equipment or an employee’s actions. Examples include a slip and fall or a customer injured by a display.

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Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects against defective product claims. For example, if a customer is injured using a product you sold, a product liability policy would protect your business.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you have a staff of retail employees, workers’ compensation insurance may be required by law. Workers’ compensation coverage will cover medical expenses related to bodily injuries any of your employees sustain while at work.

Theft Insurance

Theft insurance protects against financial loss if a shoplifter steals merchandise. This particular policy is an excellent option to consider for retail businesses that carry expensive products, maintain a large inventory, or have a high risk of theft.

Property Damage Insurance

Your building, displays, equipment, and inventory also need protection. A customized property insurance policy can offer the protection necessary for your retail business.

Shopping for the Right Policy

Your business is unique, so you need a comprehensive insurance policy to protect what you have built. At Tabak Insurance Agency, we will help you select the right size policy for your retail business and assist at every step of the way.

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