Published On: May 17, 2023

If you’re opening a new restaurant or comparing policy rates with your current insurance provider, consider what you need when creating your restaurant insurance policy. Tabak Insurance offers multiple coverage options for restaurants. Here is more information about the types of restaurant insurance we offer to help you build a custom policy that protects you and your business:

General Liability Insurance

The most common coverage found in restaurant insurance policies is general liability insurance. General liability covers your business if a customer gets injured in your restaurant. Common injuries include falls due to spilled beverages and burns from hot dishes or food. If an individual’s personal property experiences damage in your restaurant, general liability policies protect your restaurant. These incidents can include a server accidentally spilling food on a patron, resulting in an injury or stained clothing. The insurance can pay for the replacement of the clothing if the restaurant is at fault.

The cost for this coverage varies widely, depending on the size of your business and whether you’ve had any claims before. We’ll help you find the right balance between the correct amount of coverage and what you can afford. You can purchase extra coverage if the general liability policy isn’t enough.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor liability insurance protects restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages to their customers. This policy provides coverage in most situations that involve alcohol. A bartender may serve an intoxicated patron and may be sued later. A bar fight between intoxicated individuals may lead to physical injury. Also, a fight between intoxicated individuals may cause damage to a person’s car. In all these situations, liquor liability insurance can help cover you and your business.

This policy also protects your business if you cater an event off-site or provide a bartender for an event. If a person gets sick at the event because the food wasn’t kept at the correct temperature, they may sue the restaurant that provided the catering. It includes BYOB events at your establishment, such as when a business hosts a party in an event room of a restaurant.

Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance protects your establishment from situations that cause damage to your physical business. This policy protects the building the restaurant is in as well as the furnishings and fixtures. It also provides coverage for any paperwork and necessary documents for your business, such as the cost of replacing your business license in a fire or having an attorney provide copies of contracts with vendors.

If your restaurant is damaged by a fire or a natural disaster, this policy would provide compensation to help you recover from your loss. Coverage may not be extended to every natural disaster in a property insurance policy. In many places, flooding isn’t covered as part of the regular policy. You must purchase flood insurance separately in these situations.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation protects the restaurant if an employee gets injured while performing their duties. An injury may include sustaining a burn from a stove or injuring one’s back from lifting heavy crates of ingredients.

The law requires workers’ compensation for businesses that hire the minimum number of employees. The cost of the insurance policy depends on the size of the company, among other factors, such as the number of sales and any previous claims filed. This coverage protects the employees from lost wages and pays for their medical care. We can help you determine whether your business must carry workers’ compensation to keep your establishment compliant.

Directors and Officers Insurance 

Another type of insurance your restaurant may require is Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O). While this coverage may sound at first like it is designed for large corporations, it can also benefit restaurant owners. This policy provides coverage in case private information for employees or customers is leaked, such as when you provide online ordering through the restaurant’s website. It also protects executives and the business itself if customers or employees sue the restaurant. If you accidentally breach a contract, D&O liability insurance pays damages to the other party.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance covers your restaurant for lost revenue. If your restaurant must be closed for renovation due to a fire, this policy would pay for revenue lost during this time until you can reopen.

The policy only covers certain perils. This may include fire, theft, wind damage, and falling objects. The coverage can pay for your mortgage and other loan payments, taxes, and payroll for a designated period. The team at Tabak Insurance can help you roll multiple types of coverage into one Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). We can tailor your policy to your budget.

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