Published On: May 18, 2018

As an establishment that serves food and drink to customers, you have to ensure the right staff is there to serve them. Without this staff, the customer experience you provide could actually be increasing your restaurant insurance cost. In order to ensure that customers always have the experience they want when they visit your establishment, it’s critical that you find the right servers and bartenders and have sufficient Business Owner’s Policy insurance—BOP insurance for restaurants.

Desirable Traits and Characteristics

The best way to find the right employees for your business is to look for certain characteristics. Because they will be working face-to-face with your patrons, serving and bartending staff need to be sociable. Given the nature of the business, your staff will also need to be driven and resilient, able to continue providing high-quality service despite the many situations and personalities they may encounter during their days.

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Bartenders and servers who are team-oriented will support one another in all aspects of their jobs. For example, in well-functioning teams, clear communication takes top priority. Your employees need to be able to work together to solve issues that may arise, and in a proactive manner.

Your staff also needs to be able to effectively sell your products without making patrons feel pressured into buying them. They must also be able to focus on the task at hand, providing personal attention to all they serve.

Whether working at the bar or waiting tables, your staff will need to be fast, organized, and able to multi-task. They will also need to be able to pay attention to the customers so that accurate orders can be taken. In the case of bartending, the ability to empathize with patrons will be an incredibly important trait to possess.

Staff members who are fluent in computation and measurement will ensure that your business’s income is accurately represented, further reducing the need to make a claim on restaurants & bar insurance.

Hiring Quality Servers and Bartenders

Hiring Good Staff Reduces BOP Insurance Risk

The many benefits of hiring a good staff extend to your coverage with restaurant insurance programs. For example, staff members that do not get along can lead to risky and unnecessary distractions. Employees who are not team players and don’t realize the importance of keeping working areas clean and free of clutter can increase the risk of injury.

Similarly, any staff members charged with closing operations at the end of the day need to be responsible and trustworthy, or this can raise the risk of your establishment being burglarized or becoming victim to fire and other incidents. These small things add up to big benefits with errors and omissions insurance.

Getting the Right BOP Coverage

It’s true that every business should be covered by quality BOP insurance. However, having the right serving and bartending staff in your establishment can help you to greatly reduce your chances of having to make a BOP insurance claim.

Restaurant insurance programs can help protect your business from significant losses. Don’t risk being unprotected; find out how the Tabak Insurance Agency can have you covered fast by calling (281) 769-5274.

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