Published On: April 26, 2024

Investing in comprehensive bar insurance can help protect your business and the customers who frequent your establishment. Tabak Insurance helps create a customized insurance plan to make sure you have the necessary coverage to protect you and your customers. Here are some helpful tips for protection in the following situations:

Liquor-related Incidents

Many states require bars to have liquor liability insurance to protect their businesses and customers from liquor-related incidents. Without it, you could be held liable for incidents such as fights and drunk driving accidents. Liquor liability coverage can cover legal costs, medical expenses, and other damages that arise from incidents. This protects your business, customers, and other victims of these incidents.

Customer Injuries

You could be held liable for injuries that are sustained on your property. This could involve injuries from slip and fall incidents, defective equipment, or furniture. General liability insurance protects you from these risks and helps cover damages in the event that a customer injures themselves while on your property. It also protects the customer by providing them with compensation for their injuries if their case warrants it.

Property Damage

Property damage covers damage to your building, your equipment, and inventory. Your property may be damaged as a result of natural disasters, equipment malfunction, theft, or vandalism. Bar insurance helps you recover from these costs and resume operations as quickly as possible. The professionals at Tabak Insurance help you decide which situations and costs to cover under your property insurance policy based on information about your bar and location. 

Employee Injuries

Workers’ compensation insurance helps protect your business and your employees. It is also required by law in many states. Workers’ compensation coverage provides financial protection for employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. This can include accidents such as cuts, burns, falls, and more. The insurance covers medical expenses, lost wages, and disability benefits. 

Loss of Income

Events such as fires or natural disasters can interrupt your business, sometimes preventing you from serving customers entirely, resulting in a loss of income. We help provide your business with owner’s policy insurance, which includes general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and business interruption insurance. Business interruption insurance provides financial compensation for the revenue that you lose during a temporary closure or rebuilding period. It can be used to cover rent, utilities, payroll, and more. 

Legal Defense

When a customer or employee is harmed on your property, you may be liable for their injuries. This means they could press charges and take your business to court and other legal proceedings. Bar insurance can help prevent the need for a lawsuit. It can cover legal defense costs and other related expenses if lawyers become involved.

Invest in Bar Insurance from Tabak Insurance

Bar insurance protects both your business and customers from different risks and scenarios. Tabak Insurance provides insurance to bars, restaurants, and other service-related businesses. Our professionals can help you customize your insurance to get the comprehensive coverage you need. Contact us today and get a quote within 24 hours or less to get the help you require for your business.

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