Published On: November 22, 2021

We all hoped that the economic challenges that hit everyone in 2020 would somehow return to normal in 2021, but, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Anyone who is preparing to renew their insurance policies or get new coverage needs to understand how the current market and economic landscape is going to impact their future premiums.

According to some, the current economic situation isn’t something the market can just bounce back from and act like nothing happened. This, unfortunately, means that the hard market is going to continue and we’re all going to have to face some definite pressures on the current rates and the potential for lost capacity across a number of coverage lines.

That may sound like everything is doom and gloom, but it might not be quite that bad. These are, after all, completely unprecedented times, which means it’s really hard for anyone to predict the future.

There will be challenges, but if you’re prepared for them and have some experts in restaurant, nightclub, and bar insurance on your side, you should be able to get through these challenges in good shape.

It’s a Hard Market

Like many other industries, the insurance market goes through cycles. A hard market is a seller’s market and it happens whenever the cycle hits the point when insurance for bars and restaurants starts to increase while the capacity winds up decreasing.

Most analysts believed the insurance industry was a hard market even before the pandemic hit, and the resulting economic situation left by it has only increased the stress on the market.

Basically, the past year and a half have put enough pressure on insurance companies that, out of necessity, the industry has eased way from the soft market that had been in effect for quite some time in order to deal with large industry losses, uncertainties around COVID, and other potential issues.

What Does This Mean?

A hard market can mean that insurance premiums will increase or insurers may be forced to drop different lines of coverage if they turn out to be unprofitable. Some of these analysts suggest that the coverage lines that may be facing a big challenge this year include: property, D&O, fiduciary, cyber, and umbrella/excess liability.

There may also be more exclusions included in different policies, especially if they have something to do with the pandemic. On top of that, limit and deductible structures are changing to offset increasing costs.

Let’s Be Positive about the Future

Like we said, we don’t want to be too depressing, here. We just want to face these challenges directly. The good news is that there is a reason to be positive about the future.

According to this Insurance Report Outlook for 2021, global GDP is expected to rebound, and to come back strongly. They suggest that growth will be 5 percent or more.

In this kind of economic environment, the insurance industry will have a little more breathing room and can help things stabilize again.

A New Normal

The current economic landscape has definitely taught the industry a few lessons which will have an ongoing influence on the insurance risk landscape.

One unexpected development to come from the pandemic was how the state was required to step in and deal with many of the responsibilities for financial situations that came from illness or job loss.

This will have an impact on how insurance works, but we won’t know how, exactly, until all the ripples caused by 2020 start to smooth out. Will the state maintain more control? Will the risks fall more on the providers? Will there be even more regulations on the industry? Only time will tell.

However, this does present a great opportunity for the industry to evolve and find new ways to meet client needs. Ideally, the industry will also be prepared to deal with future catastrophes and unexpected world events.

Preparing for the Future with Restaurant and Bar Insurance

It’s highly unlikely that the hard market is going to end anytime this year, which means that business owners need to be knowledgeable about the economic situation and understand how they may need to re-budget and re-consider their needs for bar, nightclub, and restaurant insurance.

There may be more difficulties ahead, but despite all of that, there is reason to be optimistic. You simply have to work closely with your insurance agency to make sure your needs are met without going outside the budget.

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