Published On: March 17, 2023

If you own a restaurant, you may look at insurance policies to protect your investment. Restaurant insurance is a required part of your business, but it can be difficult to know what type of policy and how much coverage is necessary. Tabak Insurance can help you choose the best coverage with the right Business Owner’s Policies (BOP).

Whether you just opened or purchased a restaurant or you’re looking to save money on your current coverage, you can get a quote from Tabak Insurance. We’ll help you find ways to save money while getting the protection you need.

We Help You Learn What Is Covered With a BOP

Since a Business Owner’s Policy is a broad type of coverage, it provides several different protections. The first is general liability, which protects you from lawsuits. This policy pays for your legal counsel when someone makes a claim against the establishment for injury or property damage. Some situations covered by general liability include the following:

  • Someone is burned by hot food or liquid that is spilled on them
  • A person slips and falls on a drink that was spilled
  • A server spills food on a patron’s suit causing irreparable damage

You can ask questions of our team if you are unsure what other types of situations fit under this coverage.

Commercial property insurance is also included in a BOP. This coverage protects your building, equipment, and fixtures from damage. It also protects key documents and records. Your insurance agent can tell you about any exclusions from the policy.

The third element of a BOP is business interruption coverage. This part of the policy protects you from loss of income due to a major event. If a natural disaster were to strike your area and cause significant damage, this policy pays for lost revenue until you can rebuild and reopen. In some cases, it can also pay to relocate temporarily.

Tabak Insurance can answer questions about any of the coverages in a BOP. We’ll also help you determine how much coverage you need with each type of policy.

We Explain What’s Not Covered and Give Options

Restaurant insurance can be confusing because of all the different policies. You may assume that a BOP will cover all aspects of your business. A Business Owner’s Policy is the main type of coverage for your restaurant, but it’s not all-inclusive. Depending on the details of your establishment, you may need additional coverage.

A Tabak Insurance agent will talk to you about your unique needs. We’ll customize your coverage based on the type of restaurant you own and the inherent risks. If you have employees, you’ll need worker’s compensation coverage as required by law.

If you serve liquor in your establishment, you may need liquor liability insurance. Most states require some type of liquor liability, which goes beyond general liability. It protects your establishment if you serve an intoxicated person who later does damage to property or causes injury to another person.

A BOP doesn’t cover vehicles used by the restaurant, such as for catering services. You must purchase a separate commercial auto insurance policy in case of an accident.

We take the time to break down each type of coverage and explain what it can do for your restaurant. Our team will also show you how much it costs to help you plan your budget. Our goal is for your restaurant to have the coverage it needs to protect you from the unexpected.

We Help You Save Money With Restaurant Insurance

Tabak Insurance not only helps you get the right policy for your restaurant, but we help you get it at a lower cost. Because we customize the policy to fit you instead of using the one-size-fits-all approach, we can help you save money.

Our team has over 25 years of experience helping restauranteurs get the right insurance coverage. We focus solely on the hospitality industry, which means we have more in-depth knowledge of the coverage you need. We work with restaurants, bars, catering businesses, and others who serve food and drinks. Because of our background and expertise, we can recommend the best policies for all our customers.

Tabak Insurance looks for ways to maximize your coverage while minimizing your costs. We consider risk exposure and legal requirements when recommending policies. Our team knows the insider secrets to lower premiums. This may include making sure sales are reported accurately for general liability and liquor liability premiums.

Use Our Team for Your BOP Insurance

Fill out our online form to get a free quote on your Business Owner’s Policy. You can also call Tabak Insurance and talk to one of our reliable team members. We’ll provide you with a custom quote based on your unique business needs. We want to help you save money with the right amount of protection to keep your restaurant in business.

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