Published On: January 3, 2018

Selling food and beverages at events can be a great way for your business to make some additional profits. However, operating food stands isn’t risk-free, so there are a few things you’ll need before you set up shop. Having the right restaurant insurance and liquor liability insurance is just one of them.

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Get the Proper Permits

One of the first actions you’ll need to take to sell food at a festival is to obtain the proper permits. The event owner authorizes each food vendor to sell at their event by handing out vendor licenses or food handler permits. These typically last between 24 and 48 hours, so ensure that yours is valid throughout the festival. Acquiring a food permit requires you and your business to be fully insured. So, what are the types of insurances you need to sell at a fair?

Event Insurance

Many things that event insurance covers are similar to most general liability and liquor liability insurance contracts. Event insurance offers a wide range of coverage, but it’s designed to work with events and fairs rather than a restaurant. This coverage is designed for those who wish to sell food and liquor at fairs and festivals. There are two categories that event insurance falls into.

The first is event liability insurance, which covers the owners in cases involving personal injury or property damage. Many venues require event insurance, as it protects them from damages done to their property.

Then, there’s event cancellation insurance. This protects vendors in case they need to cancel or reschedule the event. With this coverage, you’re able to reclaim any deposits or fees if you need to cancel or delay your participation. Cancellation insurance is typically offered as an additional cost to event liability insurance.

Examples of What Event Insurance Covers

Accidents are bound to happen during a festival. Bodily injury coverage protects food vendors from accidental injuries that occur from or near their place of operation. If a customer slips and falls in an area that you’ve mopped and properly marked with a caution sign, you should be covered by your insurance.

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Liquor liability is another essential coverage that you’ll need if you’re selling alcohol at your event stand. There are countless claims that consumers may make in the name of being intoxicated. If liquor liability insurance doesn’t already cover your restaurant, then it’s something you’ll undoubtedly need during an event.

Every business owner needs insurance to cover property damages. The event host will have it to safeguard their property and assets. Vendors also need it as protection in case their food or liquor stall is damaged, or they accidentally damage the event owner’s assets. Property damage is a common occurrence at any fair or festival, so don’t get caught without insurance or you’ll be paying out of pocket.

You will need many of the same insurance policies your restaurant already has to operate at a festival. Additionally, you may need extra coverage, depending on the owner and your local laws. Need help getting covered for an upcoming event? Contact Tabak Insurance Agency for a fast online quote on the insurance you need.

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