Published On: August 29, 2022

If you own a restaurant, food truck, or food production/service business, you should purchase insurance to cover your liabilities. Tabak Insurance provides customized insurance policies to cover and mitigate various business risks. Our food liability insurance policies protect your business from lawsuits and other threats that might hurt day-to-day operations.

What Is Food Liability Insurance?

Running a food production/service business like a bakery, restaurant, taco truck, or fast food joint comes with many risks. Someone may get food poisoning or slip and fall because of unattended floor spillage. Your workers may also get injured or sue the business for various reasons. Food liability insurance protects you from unforeseen accidents and events that can halt your operations.

The coverage falls into two main parts:

General Liability Insurance

Someone may slip and fall in your restaurant, or an employee may get burned or injured. General liability insurance policies can cover such unfortunate events and protect your business and reputation from suffering.

The policy can also protect you if someone consumes expired goods and suffers food poisoning. Another aspect of general liability insurance is personal and accidental advertising injury.

Tabak Insurance’s general liability coverage will pay for incurred damages if you’re accused of libel, slander, or accidental use of a competitor’s slogan. General liability protects your business from paying third parties for bodily injuries and property damages. The policy also covers products-completed operations and is one of the must-haves when looking for food liability coverage for your business.

Commercial Property Insurance

Tabak Insurance provides commercial property insurance to protect your business premises and assets in the event of physical damages. Restaurants, food trucks, and cafeterias are all exposed to physical damages from fire, arson, vandalism, and other covered events.

Commercial property insurance can pay for repairs and replacement if the building or equipment is damaged. You can also purchase policies to cover damage to the premises rented.

Commercial policies protect your business if you operate from a rented space, like a commercial kitchen. You can also protect a catering business if you serve food in different rented locations. The insurance covers potential damages that may occur at the venue.

Property owners and event organizers often request such policies. At Tabak Insurance, we can combine your general liability and commercial property policies into one Business Owner’s Policy (BOP).

Other Items Covered Under Food Liability

Tabak Insurance allows you to customize your policy to cover specific risks and determine what to include/leave out. Popular policies include inland marine coverage, product liability, professional liability, cyber liability, commercial auto insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance. You can also purchase covers to protect business income, equipment breakdown, and trailer endorsement.

Product Liability

General liability policies may feature product liability. The insurance covers the risk of making a customer sick from your food through foodborne illnesses, unlabeled allergens, and other elements.

Utility & Spoilage Insurance

You may face utility malfunctions and service failures that result in food spoilage and other damages. The utility and spoilage insurance policies cover inventory losses and damages.

Inland Marine Coverage

You can purchase this policy to cover the cost of repairing/replacing broken or stolen business equipment. Tabak Insurance provides various options to choose from to protect all your gear.

Professional Liability

You need professional liability insurance if your business involves running demonstrations, teaching courses, and providing advice. The policy protects your business from negligence claims, errors, omissions, and poor advice.

Cyber Liability Insurance

You may face a potential data breach if you collect and store personal information like credit card details. You can use cyber liability insurance to protect the business from costs stemming from cybersecurity breaches.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Mobile restaurants and food businesses that rely on vehicles for transporting food or related equipment need commercial auto insurance. The policy protects your business from damages arising from car accidents, including bodily injuries and property damage/loss.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If you hire employees, they may get sick or injured during work. Purchasing worker’s compensation insurance covers lost wages and medical expenses. Tabak Insurance can help you examine state requirements to purchase adequate worker’s compensation policies.

Business Income

Unforeseen circumstances like fires and natural disasters can force you to close business and lose income. Business income insurance will cover your payroll and other expenses for a specified time while you recover from the disaster.

Equipment Breakdown

Food-related equipment is susceptible to mechanical issues and breakdowns that can disrupt normal operations. If you face problems with your boiler, ovens, freezers, computers, and non-electric gear, the equipment breakdown policy will cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Trailer Endorsement

Purchasing trailer endorsement coverage can protect your trailer if you use it as part of the food business operations. The policy differs from commercial auto insurance as it specifically targets food trailers.

Reliable Food Liability Insurance

Purchasing adequate food liability insurance can protect your business from different risks and potential lawsuits. At Tabak Insurance, we recommend comprehensive risk analysis to identify the most vulnerable areas and risks you should cover first. We can help you purchase enough coverage to protect your business, operations, income, and reputation from all known threats.

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