Published On: April 14, 2023

General liability insurance protects your business from financial damage due to third-party claims like bodily injuries. Tabak Insurance offers comprehensive general liability policies to safeguard your investment. Here’s what we can offer you with our general liability coverage:

Coverage for Lawsuits

Our general liability insurance protects your restaurant or bar from the high cost of legal defense. It can cover attorney fees, court costs, expert witness costs, and settlement payments.  Our policy can also cover the judgment costs if the court finds your business liable for the damages.

Lawsuits can put a burden on your business, putting it in danger of closure. Staying on top of these legal expenses helps you maintain your business’s financial health and enhances your company’s longevity.

Coverage for Medical Expenses

General liability insurance covers medical expenses when a third party is injured on the insured’s property. The injuries may be due to slip-and-fall accidents, faulty equipment or products, falling objects, or accidents involving company vehicles. If a customer slips and falls on your business premises, our insurance can pay their ambulance fees, medical bills, and hospitalization.

The amount of coverage will vary depending on the specific policy you purchase. Our team will help you understand the medical expenses coverage within your general liability policy. Worker’s Compensation insurance for restaurants is another option we may help you select as a part of your policy to help cover medical expenses.

Protection From Property Damage Claims

Your business may be liable if a third party’s property is damaged during business operations. Examples of property damages our insurance can cover include fire and water damage, theft, vandalism, and accidental damages caused by your employees.

Your client may claim property damage if it occurs to their home when you’re there on business. Dealing with property damage claims can reduce your business’s bottom line since you’ll be required to pay for the repairs or replacement costs if the item is damaged beyond repair. Our general liability policy can help you cover these costs, reducing the impact of accidents on your business finances.

Protection From Liquor Liability

Intoxicated customers can cause trouble if they harm themselves or others, or if they destroy property after drinking at your establishment. Your business will be held liable for the customers’ actions.

Tabak’s liquor liability insurance can safeguard your business from the financial losses brought on by lawsuits related to liquor liability incidents. This coverage extends to bodily injury and property damages due to accidents and other alcohol-related incidents.

The amount of coverage offered by our general liability policy is suitable if you only serve alcoholic beverages on occasion. We advise clients to invest in a separate liquor liability policy if they serve alcohol daily, as it will provide comprehensive protection. Our team will assess your business operations to determine if our general policy offers adequate protection against liquor liability before finalizing your purchase.

Protection From Copyright Infringement Claims

Images, music, and videos can all pose risks if you’re not sure about their licensing. Our general liability coverage will protect you if you’re accused of using another person’s work in your advertisements without their permission. Copyright infringement is a common riskas you may not always know when a person has registered a copyright for their work. We’ll help cover a settlement payout or legal fees if a copyright infringement claim moves to court.

Cost Savings

At Tabak Insurance, we can create a customized general liability policy based on your budget and risk exposure. We’ll explain the limits of different policies and their deductibles to help you make the best decision for your business.

Our team will advise you on how to keep your insurance costs manageable by offering some insider tips. One such tip is to provide correct revenue information since your general liability insurance premiums are based on sales. You can also raise your deductibles if there’s a low risk of the events covered by your policy occurring. We’ll assess your risk exposure to determine whether raising your deductible is advised.

Protection From Reputational Injury Claims

A reputational injury claim arises when legal action is taken by an individual or a group of people against your business for harm to their reputation. Such damages may include libel, slander, or humiliation caused by the publication of false and harmful information. These claims can cause significant financial repercussions and harm to your company’s image.

Our general liability insurance can help cover legal expenses, settlements, and judgments resulting from such claims. This helps mitigate the risks associated with reputational injury lawsuits, giving you peace of mind to focus on your core business operations.

Get General Liability Insurance from Tabak Insurance

Tabak Insurance will support the continuity of your business operations by protecting you from unexpected events like lawsuits. We offer comprehensive general liability insurance policies to cater to the needs of businesses in the hospitality industry. Our team will guide you on the best policy after assessing your potential business risks. Contact us today for a detailed business assessment and general liability coverage.

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