Bakery Insurance

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Bakery insurance is a unique Business Owner’s Insurance Policy that offers protection for the specialized risks of running a bakery. With a keen understanding of the industry, we offer customized policies to protect your business investment and personal reputation when things get hot in the kitchen.

What Is Bakery Business Insurance?

Depending on your unique business model, our experts will help you choose from the many insurance coverage options available, with a full measure of protection for not much dough.

As a food business, your bakery will benefit from a customized combination of:

General Liability Insurance

A bustling bakery needs protection from the risk of customer injury or property damage. A patron may slip and fall, or an oven fire could damage adjoining or leased property. Bakery liability insurance covers damages caused by your employees or your equipment.

Product Liability Insurance:

Baking pastries, cakes, and crusty bread for your valued customers comes with an inherent risk of selling food items. Your bakery needs protection against damages caused by those delicious donuts in the event they are prepared incorrectly or an ingredient is defective.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

Most states require Workers’ Comp, as this insurance covers the costs associated with an employee who is injured at work. In a work environment that requires contact with ovens, hot oil, and fast-paced production, this coverage is doubly important.

Commercial Property Insurance

Your building, equipment, and inventory represent a large investment for your bakery business. Protecting against property damage also includes losses which may result from power interruptions, equipment failure, or natural disasters.

Off-Premises Coverage

Does your bakery deliver cakes and confections to weddings, graduations, and other celebrations? When your equipment and your employees are off-site, this insurance covers damages both to your own property and to the site you visit. Having a policy that travels with you is the icing on the cake.

Perfectly Measured Protection

hands kneading the dough with flour

We know that balancing your budget is vital to the recipe for a successful bakery. After evaluating your unique needs, our industry expert agents will mix up a batch of comprehensive coverage at a price that can’t be beaten.

Most small bakeries can have comprehensive coverage for around $3,500 – $4,500 per month.

Why Choose Tabak Bakery Insurance?

  • Fast phone or online quotes are available.
  • You can have customized insurance in 24 hours or less.
  • We have more than 25 years of experience in food service insurance.
  • We provide insider insurance secrets that can save you thousands.
  • We evaluate your business individually for accurate risk identification.

Affordability Is Baked Right In

The right bakery insurance policy for you will include the lightest and most satisfying ingredients combined with the warm security of knowing your business is fully protected. Just as your baked goods provide comforting memories and joyous celebrations for your patrons, our insurance offerings will help keep your ovens hot and your mornings bright for years to come.

Call or contact us online today, and have fresh-baked business insurance tomorrow.