Published On: January 17, 2023

Restaurant & bar insurance can protect your establishment, workers, and customers from various risks. Fires, accidents, natural disasters, brawls, slip-and-fall injuries, and errors/omissions can occur at any restaurant. Tabak Insurance provides comprehensive insurance for restaurants, bars, shopping/retail centers, and more. Here are three reasons why we’re the best place to go for restaurant insurance:

1. We Cover All Insurable Risks

Tabak Insurance focuses on protecting restaurants and similar hospitality outlets. We provide comprehensive coverage for all insurable risks. Our policies cover general liability, liquor liability, commercial property, errors & omissions, directors & officers, and more. We also provide business owners’ policy, which combines general liability and commercial property insurance. Here’s an overview of our restaurant & bar insurance policies:

a) General Liability Insurance

A broad policy covering damage to customer property, customer injuries, and copyright infringement. General liability pays if a painting falls and injures a customer or the customer slips and suffers an injury. The policy pays for medical expenses and legal fees if the customer sues your restaurant.

b) Commercial Property Insurance

Also known as commercial building insurance, commercial property policies protects your owned or rented commercial property, including business premises and all its assets. Our commercial property insurance protects your restaurant from vandalism, fire, theft, wind damage, flood, and other perils.

c) Liquor Liability Insurance

If your restaurant sells/serves alcoholic beverages, you need liquor liability insurance. Your business may be liable if an intoxicated patron causes injury to another customer. Liquor liability insurance can be an add-on to your general liability insurance to protect you from the actions of inebriated customers.

d) Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Tabak Insurance offers workers’ compensation to protect your restaurant and employees. Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses for staff injured on the job. The policy protects the business from expenses and other costs if the injured employee sues your restaurant.

e) Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance

E&O or professional liability insurance (PLI) protects your business owners against claims made by customers or other businesses. The insurance covers various professional errors that result in financial losses. E&O insurance can pay for legal expenses and compensation if your marketer accidentally develops a slogan similar to another company.

f) Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance

D&O insurance protects your restaurant directors, officers, and business against wrongful acts. If an official fires an employee based on gender, race, disability, or other discrimination, you’ll need D&O to protect them. The insurance pays for legal defense and investigation but doesn’t cover intentional illegal acts.

2. We Customize Policies To Your Needs

Tabak Insurance provides insurance policies you can customize based on your needs. Restaurant insurance can fall into property/building insurance and liability coverage. Property insurance covers losses against business income, equipment breakdown, food contamination/spoilage, wind, storm, flood, and crime/employee dishonesty. Commercial liability policies cover losses against assault, employee benefits liability, and liquor liability.

Liability coverage includes workers’ compensation, employee, auto/valet, and umbrellas (excess liability). Tabak Insurance can help you analyze your restaurant’s needs to find comprehensive risk coverage. We’ll make sure you have the mandatory insurance policies required by law and other business-specific coverages. Our insurance policies offer flexibility, add-ons, and umbrellas to make sure you’re adequately covered.

Tabak Insurance will break down each policy, so you can understand what’s covered and what is left out. We take pride in protecting restaurants from various perils. Our company will reveal areas that need coverage to help you protect your company’s key assets. We understand different business models, including restaurant chains, food trucks, and off-premise caterers. Our insurance policies are designed to protect your restaurant from daily risks.

3. We Provide Flexible, Affordable Insurance

Tabak Insurance provides comprehensive coverage at affordable monthly premiums. Our team will explain the limits of insurance, deductibles, coinsurance, and other aspects to help you understand each coverage. We also offer flexible policies, so you can find the best coverage for your business. Many factors affect the cost of insurance. Your restaurant’s location, property type, revenue, equipment information, and coverage requirement affect the overall cost.

The number of policies needed, years in business, employee information, and prior claims will also influence insurance costs. At Tabak Insurance, we have restaurant insurance experts ready to help you buy the coverage you need. You might need multiple policies, and some can be bundled to offer lower premiums. Insurance aims to protect the business from the most likely incidents. You should also have some form of protection from less probable perils.

At Tabak Insurance, we work with restaurants to identify areas that need maximum protection. We can help you assess and prioritize based on your budget. The insurance cost should be a minor determinant, or you’ll go for cheap policies. Cheap insurance can be costly when you need protection, and the coverage isn’t sufficient. You need enough coverage with small deductibles, high limits, and affordable premiums, which is what Tabak Insurance offers.

Comprehensive Restaurant & Bar Insurance

Purchasing adequate restaurant & bar insurance is a wise decision to protect your business from various risks. At Tabak Insurance, we provide comprehensive coverage for restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and retail/shopping outlets of all sizes. We serve various states and have a friendly team to help you through insurance selection. Our team will also explore all policies to help you find adequate coverage for your restaurant.

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