Published On: November 16, 2022

Bars bring people, food, drinks, and entertainment all to a single place. Such settings are bound to face a high risk of theft, vandalism, fights, accidents, intoxication, food poisoning, and other liabilities. If you own a bar or restaurant, Tabak Insurance is here to help. We can provide you with comprehensive coverage for all or specific risks. Bar owners have two main safety precautions they can implement: bar insurance and basic safety standards and regulations.

Comprehensive Bar Insurance

Buying insurance is the best way to protect your bar from litigations and other risks. At Tabak Insurance, we offer different types of coverage to protect you from specific risks. Popular policies include general liability insurance, liquor liability insurance, property insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. We also offer errors and omissions insurance, directors and officers liability insurance, and business owner policies.

Purchasing adequate bar insurance can protect your assets, revenue, and savings in case of a lawsuit. A patron may slip and fall or start a fight inside your bar. Disputes between patrons or employees can also escalate. Bars aren’t immune to fires, storms, natural disasters, power outages, and human errors. Tabak Insurance can help you assess all risks and prioritize those requiring immediate coverage. Here’s a quick overview of the main policies you should consider:

1. General Liability Insurance (GLI)

GLI covers damages and losses caused by you, your equipment, or employee actions. General liability insurance will cover medical bills and lost property if a patron slips and gets injured due to an unattended spill. The insurance protects against bodily injuries, property damage, negligence, and libel claims.

2. Liquor Liability Insurance

Bars serve alcohol and need liquor liability insurance to cover the business from injury claims resulting from intoxication and fights. The insurance will cover the company if your staff serves alcohol to an intoxicated person or a fight breaks out and someone gets injured. You may need additional assault and battery liability insurance to cover fights.

3. Commercial Property Insurance

Tabak Insurance can help you protect your building, equipment, and inventory with customized commercial property insurance policies. You can protect the bar against inventory theft, property damage, equipment breakdown, windstorms, floods, crime, and food spoilage. We customize the policy to your needs and protect what you specify.

4. Workers Compensation Insurance

Your bartenders, servers, accountants, cleaners, and other employees need protection. Some states require bars to offer workers’ compensation insurance, so you should check your state’s requirements. Tabak Insurance can help you protect your workers and business against cuts, burns, falls, and other bodily injuries sustained at work.

5. Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)

PLI or errors and omissions insurance can protect your business against claims made by third parties for financial losses. If your slogan is copied from another company or your website gallery has copyrighted pictures, you may face a lawsuit for infringement. PLI coverage can protect the bar against claims made by clients, vendors, and employees.

6. D&O Liability Insurance

Your directors and officers can make mistakes in their legal capacity. The bar may get sued if their errors or actions result in losses/damages. D&O liability insurance is the coverage designed to protect you from such litigations.

7. Other Bar & Nightclub Insurance

We break down each coverage at Tabak Insurance so you can know what the policy covers. We have policies for assault and battery, auto/valet liability, umbrella (excess) insurance, and employee benefits liability. Our policies cover your premises and operations, products, medical payments, fire liability, personal injury, and advertising injury.

Safety Standards & Regulations

Purchasing bar insurance can protect your business from various risks. Tabak Insurance will help you customize the policy to cover what you need. Insurance coverage alone isn’t enough to protect your bar. You should complement it with best practices and safety regulations. At Tabak Insurance, we acknowledge your efforts to reduce risk at your bar. Consider adding security features, like surveillance cameras and cash register alarms.

You should also look into sturdy steel doors, safety monitors/managers, noise protection, and efficient cleaning teams. You can also educate employees about the insurance policies and how they can help protect the company from unnecessary lawsuits. Bars should establish and follow a safety protocol to prevent accidents.

Tabak Insurance can discuss business risks and what you can do about them. Train your team to handle different situations and monitor overserved patrons. You should also review your property lighting, flooring, seating, and equipment to make sure everything is in good condition. Coupling safety standards with insurance coverage is the best way to protect your bar.

Key Takeaways About Bar Safety

The best safety precaution you can implement for your bar is to have adequate insurance for all the known risks. Bar insurance can help protect your business from costly lawsuits. Tabak Insurance provides customized insurance to bars, restaurants, and shopping/retail centers. Our team will help you protect what matters most to your business.

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