Published On: September 19, 2023

Part of running a successful restaurant is making sure you have sufficient restaurant insurance coverage. The right insurance policy can help you meet industry regulations and avoid legal issues. Here are eight tips to help you avoid claims denials when an incident happens in your restaurant: 

1. Understand Your Policy

Different restaurant insurance policies cover specific aspects of your business. This coverage may include property damage, liability, workers’ compensation, and others. Read through your policy carefully and make sure you know what is covered and what is not before submitting a claim. If you have any doubts or questions, reach out to our insurance agents at Tabak Insurance for clarification. A thorough understanding of your coverage helps you file claims that align with your policy. This also helps you understand when and how to report an accident or file a claim. 

2. Maintain Accurate Records

Accurate record-keeping is key for any restaurant and can be helpful when submitting insurance claims. Keep detailed records of all transactions, receipts, invoices, and contracts related to your restaurant operations. This documentation can serve as evidence when you need to file a claim. Your claim may be denied if it does not include the proper records and supporting evidence. Consider keeping records in digital and physical formats, such as security camera videos and hard-copy paperwork. Accurate record-keeping can also help you find and report issues in a more timely manner. 

3. Report Incidents Promptly

In the event of an accident, injury, property damage, or any other incident that may lead to a claim, it’s key to report it to your insurance company as soon as possible. Delaying the reporting of an incident can raise suspicions and may result in a claim denial. Most insurance policies have specific time frames within which you must report incidents. You can contact your insurance agent to make sure that you understand these deadlines. Adhering to these deadlines helps you avoid insurance claims denials.

4. Document the Incident

When you report a restaurant incident to us at Tabak Insurance, be prepared to provide as much detail as possible. This may include photographs, videos, witness statements, and any other relevant documentation that can help support your claim. The more thorough and well-documented your claim is, the less likely it is to be denied. Explore your policy guidelines to understand what types of documentation you may be asked to submit. This can help your reporting process go more smoothly, reducing the likelihood of an insurance claim denial. 

5. Use Preventative Measures

Insurance companies may examine your restaurant’s preventive measures when evaluating your claims. Taking proactive steps to reduce risks can help improve safety at your establishment and reduce the likelihood of insurance claims being denied. Consider implementing safety protocols, conducting regular inspections, and providing training for your staff. This can help lower the chances of accidents and incidents occurring in your restaurant. Provide ongoing training for your team and explain to them what types of coverage your restaurant has. 

6. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your restaurant’s infrastructure and equipment is key for insurance purposes. Insurance companies may deny claims if they determine that negligence or lack of maintenance contributed to an incident. Consider scheduling routine inspections and address any maintenance issues as quickly as possible. Regular maintenance may help you avoid claim denials and extend the lifespan of your assets. Regular maintenance can also help increase the safety of your customers and employees, reducing the need for insurance claims.

7. Review Your Policy Annually

Your restaurant’s needs and circumstances may change with time, so consider reviewing your insurance policy annually with your agent. This can help make sure that your coverage is current and meets your evolving needs. Failing to update your policy may result in your restaurant being underinsured. Underinsurance could lead to claim denials if you file for incidents or amounts that exceed your coverage limits. Set an annual time and date for reviewing your policy with your agent to determine if any changes should be made. 

8. Work With an Experienced Restaurant Insurance Agent

Experienced agents, like those at Tabak Insurance, can help you navigate the complexities of restaurant insurance, provide guidance on risk management, and assist in the claims submission process. An agent who understands the unique challenges of the restaurant industry is better equipped to help you avoid claim denials and get the coverage your restaurant needs. Our agents have experience working with restaurants with varying insurance needs and requirements. 

Tabak Insurance and Your Restaurant 

Take steps to avoid restaurant insurance claims denials by understanding your policy, maintaining accurate records, reporting incidences, implementing preventive measures, and more. While these tips can help you avoid insurance claims denials, some denials are unavoidable. If your claims are denied, our experienced agents can help you navigate the process. Contact Tabak Insurance today to learn more about the types of restaurant insurance we provide and how we can help you handle claims denials. 

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